Successful Setup’s Team

the main players


Founder CMktr MCIM

Nina found Successful Setup to create a place where de-bullshified marketing knowledge (e.g. jargon-free talk) is available to those who need it the most.

She is:

  • A digital marketer since 2007
  • Member of the CIM
  • Chartered Marketer
  • Marketing trainer
  • Marketing mentor
  • Consultant with over 17 years of experience.
  • Amateur photographer & beer lover


Operations Wizz

With mad attention to detail Ellie is the structure behind Nina’s creative chaos. She creates lists, organises schedules, writes notes, researches, and most importantly – makes it all run smoothly!

Ellie is:

  • A psychology graduate (organisational psychology)
  • Spreadsheets master
  • Organisational mastermind
  • Critical thinker
  • Fast walker

office extras


Quality Control

Charlie often covers the night shift in the office and viciously walks over keyboards when unhappy with the work.


Naps Manager

Daisy has mastered the ability to sleep on the job better than anyone. So much so, that she now has her own office bed…


Office gentleman

Buddy accompanies every member of staff on their walks, gently nudging them to get back to work if the walk is too long.

the many symbols in our logo

Pieced together

Pieced together

Representing the unity of a range of tools and concepts, Successful Setup’s logo is a combination of triangles, perfectly fitting together to form an ideal, singular shape.

Double stenght

Double strength

Because using the acronym SS is not really an option, we’ve decided to double the S in our name. Smart, right 🙂

True to self

True to self

Honouring the Bulgarian origin of our founders, the main shape of the logo comes from Bulgarian folklore. It symbolises the beginning of everything and the fertile soil.



“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”
J.R. Rim