marketing debullshified

Do you have a marketing question? Welcome to one of the best places to ask it!

* Marketing debullshified* is an on-demand newsletter getting you the answers you want straight in your inbox.

* debullshified [de·bul·shi·fæid]
expressed with clarity, using understandable, every-day language. Jargon and asshollery-free.

How does on-demand newsletter work?

On-demand-marketing debullshified-newsletter-ask-your-questions

Ask your question

Send in your question in with as many details as you can provide, and specify what type of answer you’d like to get (text, audio, video, interpretive dance?)


Get the answer

If your question is fairly easy to respond, you’ll get an answer quite quickly. If it is difficult, it might take up to a week, but you’ll get a detailed, step-by-step guide!


Email only when there’s a new question

Next time you get an email, it will be because someone else asked a question. That’s right – no promo emails. Only pure value.

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