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At Successful Setup, we empower small and medium-sized companies to position themselves on the digital map, through knowledge instead of budgets. We do this by showing you how the big guys do it. All you have to do is put in the work.

how to understand who your customers are and how to connect with them

How to optimise your website to get clients, not readers.

What is a CRM, how to get started, and what to use it for.

how to get on social media and what do with it without pulling your hair.

How to sell to more people and convert them into fans who recommend your business.

How to expand your business and plan your future like a multinational corporation.

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For those who read

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For those who do

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Are you a Paul, Lauren, or a Mark maybe?



Paul moved to London a few years ago to make money and travel, but then life happened, and he’s nowhere near to achieving his goals. Paul’s situation was:

  • Full-time job with crazy working hours;
  • Side-hustle that he wants to turn into his primary source of income;
  • Limited knowledge of the digital world and possibilities;
  • Limited finances to invest in consultants, web development, and more.

Paul needed to know how to:

  • Scale his side business, so it becomes the primary source of income;
  • Structure and automate some of the communication with clients;
  • Have an online scheduling system.

Meet Paul



Lauren is the events manager at a catering company in London. The company operates a few small restaurants in historic London landmarks. Lauren’s situation is:

  • Extremely busy with her day-to-day activities at work;
  • Using Excel and email to organise her tasks, but tired of it;
  • Tech-savvy, but has no time to research all available options;
  • Limited time to make a decision and way too many options.

Lauren needed to know how to:

  • Choose the right systems to help her organise her job;
  • Create and establish a template plan, so she can go on holidays without having to work while away.

Meet Lauren


Mark is a software developer/entrepreneur who is running a startup for about two years already. Soon to release the app, his team and him have been developing, but he has a few problems:

  • Tech-savvy, but no marketing knowledge;
  • Not enough time to research the proper marketing approach;
  • Not quite sure what qualities and expertise to look for in a marketing manager.

Mark needed to know how to:

  • Structure the approach to marketing to scale quickly;
  • Hire a marketing manager that will have a methodological approach and get them properly set up from the get-go.

Meet Mark

What are you doing on this page?

If you have a startup or a business with a small or nonexistent digital presence, you’re here to find the path to a successful digital marketing setup without spending a lifetime on research or paying thousands to consultants.

At Successful Setup, we have two main goals:

to explain things in simple words, and to empower you to win against corporations.

Why? Read the story behind the creation of Successful Setup to learn more about our motivation.