WordPress training

what is it?

*This WordPress training is everything you need* to refresh your knowledge on how to work with WordPress the smart way, making sure that your website only gets better. It covers:

  • Strategy. Everything you need to consider when adding new elements to your site, so it works for your customers and for your staff.
  • Technical knowledge. The full spectre of technical knowledge that your team needs to make smart decisions about your website. No more “I don’t understand technical language” and “I don’t how it works” – it’s all part of the training.
  • WordPress basics. What WordPress is and how it works, minus the coding, because guess what – you don’t need to code to make a really good WordPress site!
  • Content arrangement. How to structure a WordPress website to make it appealing for users and search engines alike.
  • SEO. The most essential elements of search engine optimisation and how to get things right the first time.

who’s this WordPress training for?

WordPress training for small team

small teams
(up to 4 people)

If your marketing department consists of a few people who manage your website, all of them will benefit from this WordPress training. The content will help them align their knowledge and will ensure they’re on the same page (pun intended).

large teams
(5 to 10 people)*

You know what’s the biggest challenge for large marketing teams? It’s the fact that different people know different things and when a decision needs to be made, it takes hours until they get aligned. This training will help them come together and will bring all team members to the same level.

WordPress training for individuals

(1 person)

If there’s only one person in your organisation dealing with your website, you have two options: get them trained or give them the time it takes to learn everything there’s to be known about WordPress websites. Guess which one is more cost-effective.

* If your team is larger than 10 people we will need to break it down into groups of 10 maximum to achieve effective training delivery.

what you get

  • Initial Assessment
    Before we train your staff, we’ll first do a full assessment with each team member to determine their current level of understanding. This will help us tailor our approach and guarantee that everyone progresses, regardless of their level.
  • Incredible Training Materials
    Developed based on years of experience with WordPress websites, these training materials contain massive amounts of ever-green knowledge and the most important latest trends.
  • Personalised Training Materials
    Each training we deliver contains elements based on your brand and website to help your team contextualise the information.
  • In-person or Remote WordPress Training
    2 or 3 days (based on team size) of in-person or remote training of your team with Q&A sessions and practical exercise.

how it works


Get in touch

To get the process started, drop us a line in the contact form below and let us know how what you’re looking to get from this WordPress training.


Schedule Creation

Once you let us know who we’re training, we’ll set a schedule to get the initial assessments of your team members.



After initial assessments and tailored training materials are ready, we’ll schedule the sessions and get make your team WordPress superstars!

why should you care?

Over 37% of the websites in the world (and 60% of those that use a CMS system)* are based on WordPress, yet only a fraction of marketers are trained to use all of its features. This lack of knowledge is the reason behind tons of working hours and efforts lost for good. After all, if you don’t know how something works, you can’t use it well.

This WordPress training can save you and your teams hundreds of wasted hours, can power up your marketing efforts, and also save you a lot of money paid out to consultants, simply because someone “didn’t know”.

* https://www.envisagedigital.co.uk/wordpress-market-share/

do it sooner, rather than later

This training can help you save yourself and your team tons of headaches and frustration by teaching you everything you need to know so you are never tricked by a sleazy “consultant”.